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Latest Price of Blue Star Air Conditioners in India

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
With the coming of blue star air conditioners(ac) the world of blue star air conditioners(ac) has grown in many ways. The users have started expecting more and blue star air conditioners(ac) always strives to satisfy all their needs. So when it comes to buy from blue star air conditioners(ac), it is but obvious that the users are offered great many models to choose from, depending on their requirement and budget.

Latest Price of Blue Star Air Conditioners in India in Indian Rupees (INR)

  • Bluestar 3HW241YB - INR 29,800
  • Bluestar 3HW181YB - INR 23,900
  • Bluestar 3HW121YB - INR 19,000
  • Bluestar MHW-361RB - INR 48,700
  • Bluestar MHW-301RB - INR 42,400
  • Bluestar SCR-481SB - INR 97,300
  • Bluestar SCR-361SB - INR 75,700
  • Bluestar SCR-241RB - INR 51,400
  • Bluestar SCR-181YB - INR 46,500
  • Bluestar VCE-541 R - INR 75,200
  • Bluestar VCE-421 R - INR 59,900
  • Bluestar VCE-301 R - INR 48,200

We list the latest price of all the models available with blue star air conditioners(ac) to give you a quick view of the money you should expect to spend. You can also go the official website to get more detailed descriptions should need arise.
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