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Thursday, March 17, 2011
That new-fangled climate-controlled air-conditioning not reaching all the way to your little office cubicle? Sick of sweating like a pig and gasping for air? Whatever happened to those good old 20th Century oscillating fans? Lucky for you - they're back! Only this time, they're PC compatible!

The USB Retro Desk Fan plugs straight into your computer's USB port and features two speeds – from "soft" and "strong"! You can share the air with oscillating mode or keep it pointed straight at you.
The plastic blades and metal cover on this groovy gadget gives it that great retro look. You know, like in the background of a run-down bus station ticket booth in Mexico – or a shady accountant's office in New York – it's got character!

When the aircon packs it in – plug it into your keep your PC cool! Or, when your soup's a wee bit hot, use your USB Retro Desk Fan to cool it down. 

Someone in your office have chilli con carne last night? Use your USB fan to "clear the air" and protect yourself from any more unpleasant office "aromas" encroaching on your space or your nostrils.
Best of all it runs barely above a whisper - so the only noise you'll hear are your colleagues and friends wishing out loud that they had one. Not only that, but this baby can also run on 4 x AA batteries (not included), so you can have a cool breeze follow you wherever you go! 

Your USB Retro Desk Fan looks old, works like new and you guessed it – is totally cool!

The USB Retro Desk Fan can operate in either fixed or oscillating modes, has two fan speeds and measures about 10 cm (fan base diameter) x 14 cm (fan casing diameter) x 20 cm (standing height).

The included USB power cable is 1.3 m long.
The fan can also be powered by 4 x AA batteries (not included).

USB Retro Desk Fan Rs.1,123

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