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Hyundai Avante Price in India - Avante Features Review Specifications

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Hyundai Avante Price
Hyundai Avante Price in India ant the Avante Review Features and Full Specifications.

Hyundai has often change in recent years. Not long ago their products were bland, too simple and were not purchased specifically for "love at first sight" but by other qualities. However, in recent releases have seen a major revolution now if you can conquer the eye to many customers

If you analyze the design of Avante, I can say that personally I feel forced, trying to appear more car than it is. This is not to deny that many think is very attractive, dynamic and even aggressive. Taste aside, it is clear that the generation gap is enormous and now the aesthetic has become important, both for good and for ill.

Hyundai Avante Features and Specifications:

    * 1.6 litre Gamma petrol engine
    * 10 to 12 KMPL
    * 15 inch alloy wheels
    * 1591cc
    * 5 Seater Car
    * Direct fuel injection
    * DOHC, VVT(Variable Valve Timing), 4 cylinder
    * Front Disk Brake
    * Gasoline Direct Injection technology
    * Max. Power – 118 bhp @ 6200 rpm
    * Max. Torque of 156 Nm @ 4200 rpm
    * Petrol engine
    * Rear Drum Brake
    * Six speed automatic transmission

Hyundai Avante latest price in Indian rupee is near about Rs.1100000/-
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