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Latest Price of Usha Lexus Air Coolers in India

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
usha lexus air coolers is the first name that comes into mind when one thinks of usha lexus air coolers and why not when the company has proved it is might in the usha lexus air coolers sector over the years. Providing a lot of models to its customers in India, [company] is making the customers happy with the variety of choices it is giving with plenty of models. Provided here are models with their latest prices to give you an account of the money you would be spending to make the all new usha lexus air coolers your own.

Latest Price of Usha Lexus Air Coolers in India in Indian Rupees (INR)

  • Usha Lexus Sameer - INR 7,300
  • Usha Lexus Sameer Jr - INR 5,500
  • Usha Lexus Oasis - INR 4,700
  • Usha Lexus PC2214A-Personal Cooler - INR 3,200

The prices are listed with as much as accuracy as possible for you to decide upon the model of your choice. For further enquiry about usha lexus air coolers please visit its official website.

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