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Latest Price of Kenstar Air Coolers in India

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
kenstar air coolers comes with a wide range of models to give you an all new user experience and of course, a new life style. The choicest models of kenstar air coolers are at your service now and the only thing you�ll be considered about now is money. To make things easier, we give you the latest prices of the models of kenstar air coolers available to you in the market at present.

Latest Price of Kenstar Air Coolers in India in Indian Rupees (INR)

  • Kenstar SMART COOL - SD 0434 - INR 6,300
  • Kenstar TURBOCOOL Dx-9704 - INR 7,200
  • Kenstar DOUBLECOOL Dx CW - 0121 - INR 5,700
  • Kenstar Vibrant CT 9924 - INR 4,900
  • Kenstar Little Cooler Dx-CP0118H - INR 3,500
  • Kenstar Cyclone CD2001 - INR 7,700

Browse through the list and let us guide you to make that all important decision of buying your favourite Kenstar Air Coolers. The listed prices are added with care and you can contact us for further information. The official website of kenstar air coolers can be accessed for detailed specifications.

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